Why are cat’s kept as pets?

I’ve never really understood why people keep certain animals as pets, and the pet I am most curious about is the common cat. So in this blog, I am going to be posting my questions and research as I look to find what makes people keep cats as pets.

 Why do people keep cats as pets?

          Different kinds of cats?

          How did cats become domesticated?

          How do cats behave towards people?

          How do cats compare to other pets?

          What are positives about owning pet cats?



What I’ll need to know:

I’ll need to find out about different cat breeds, and the variety in which people may choose. Are there few varieties, or wide varieties? People might like different, wider varieties.

I’ll need to know about how cats became domesticated. What drew people into wanting cats as pets, and how the relationship between human and cat may have been established.

I’ll need to know how cats act toward and around people. To make a good pet, it must have a good relationship with it’s owner. A loyal companion if you will.

I’ll need to know how cats compare to other pets. Are they more fun to play with, if you can play with them at all? Can you interact with your pet in any way, such as physically, or by communication? Is it as friendly and loyal as other pets? Is it easy or difficult to take care of cats compared to other animals?

I’ll need to know what are good things about owning cats, and what are some bad things about owning cats?


In order to find this information, I will have to look up databases of cat breeds. I will need to research the history behind cats and their domestication, so I’ll need to find a historical database of cats. I will need to find publications on other such pets to compare them to cats as pets, probably using other blogs and posts of people with a personal experience in similar situations.


Key words:












What kinds of cats are there?


Answer: A huge selection of different kinds of cats, so people can pick and choose which breed they would prefer as a pet.


How did cats become domesticated?



Answers: Cats may have domesticated themselves. As rats were attracted to human settlements due to waste, cats were attracted to the rats, and eventually just settled in around humans.


How do cats behave towards people?


Answer: Apparently, cats do not understand people. Cats treat people like they treat themselves, instead of completely different creatures. Ultimately, cats are pretty stupid.


How do cats compare to other pets?


The Simpsons, Season 16, Episode 14 “The Seven-Beer Snitch”


Answer: This one is pretty opinionated, but ultimately dogs are easier to train, they are more attentive to their owners, and help people who are in need. Cats don’t really care about anyone but themselves. As soon as you don’t spoil your cat, it will move on to the next person who does. Dogs will aid people who are hurt and protect people from danger. This is also shown in The Simpsons episode where the family cat has a second family because cats are selfish. Also, more people tend to be allergic to cats than to dogs.



What are the positives in having a cat?


Answer: Cats can benefit a person’s health by reducing stress and anxiety. However, dogs can do the same and are much better pets. Although for some reason people think cats have a lower carbon footprint than dogs, and if that’s true, the hippie cat lovers I guess would be happy about that.


My ultimate conclusion:

People keep cats because it is convenient for people to keep cats. Cats came to people, unlike other kinds of pets who people domesticated themselves. Cats are fluffy animals that are relatively easy to take care of. Are cats the best pets? Not even slightly. Dogs are far superior to cats, and even birds can be trained better and are more loyal. People who keep cats as pets are usually hipsters that just don’t want to accept how awesome dogs, birds, hamsters, snakes, and all those other pet friendly critters truly are. Cats are still domesticated, but only because they want to use us. As you might imagine, research into this kind of question isn’t that easy to find online. The best source for animal behaviors and such that you can find are really going to be in person, or at YouTube.com and just look up cat and dog videos. I’ve been doing that for a week now, and it is rather entertaining. 


Michael Gergen

Professor Klopp

English 1020

2, February 2018

Why do people keep cats as pets?

People love to keep pets, as they can be great human companions. Some people like pets to just watch and admire, some people like pets they can interact and play with, and some people like pets that can also help them perform tasks. There are plenty of different animals that can fulfil any desire someone has. One of the most common pets around the world is the cat. To understand why people would keep cats as pets, one would have to understand how cats became domesticated, how cats interact with people, and what are some benefits in having a pet cat.

It is believed that cats were domesticated about 8000 years ago. According to National Geographic and Nature, Cats were drawn to human settlements and civilization due to the rodents in those settlements. As people would just discard their trash and waste wherever, rodents were attracted to the food that human trash provided for them. As rodents moved into the settlements, cats followed, and would eat the rodents. Seeing as how cats would have to be around people in order to hunt their prey, they began to live with humans, and as time went on, cats were accepted by people as pets. Thus, cats domesticated themselves.

Most creatures usually identify humans as being different than themselves, as in knowing humans are a completely different species. It is believed however, that cats do not see people as being different than themselves. According to National Geographic, cats treat people like they do each other, and do not really see people as being different than themselves. The behavior of cats rubbing up against a person is the same thing as them rubbing up against another cat or a chair. To cats, humans are nothing special. It is also widely believed that cats cannot be trained, and this is not true. Cats can be trained to do simple things such as use a litter box, and other simple tasks. This is unlike dogs, who can be trained to do all manners of tricks and can be trained as a service animal to help people. If a person is hurt, or in trouble, a cat will most likely not care, and move on with its day. A dog will most likely care and try to help the person who is in trouble or is hurt. Cats are very selfish creatures that really only look out for themselves. They are not loyal, as even portrayed in The Simpsons season 16, episode 14 “The Seven-Beer Snitch”, where the family cat has a second family that it goes to, to eat more and interact more with other people. Dogs, on the other hand, are very loyal companions, and very rarely abandon a person who has been well to them.

One major point in having a pet is how beneficial they can be. According to studies such as the ones at Health Fitness Revolution, cats can be very beneficial to humans in that they can help relieve stress and anxiety, which can lead to things such as better heart health, a decrease in blood pressure, and can increase a person’s sociability. This is because people can feel more relaxed while playing with their pet and have a companion to interact with. However, having a pet dog, or even a hamster or bird can provide the same benefits.

Ultimately, cats can be pets. There isn’t necessarily any reason why a person can’t own a pet cat. Cats are still domesticated and are fairly easy to take care of. It’s just that dogs are far superior to cats in every way. Just like how there are many different kinds of cats, there are also many different kinds of dogs for one to pick and choose just what they want in a pet. People own cats because they just do not realize how horrible cats actually are and how great dogs are.

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Michael Gergen

Professor CyKloss

English 1020

5, February 2018

Post Writing Cat Blog

In this blog, I researched and studied why people keep cats as pets. With so many different kinds of pets, I wanted to see what sets cats apart from the other animals, and why people are attracted to them. I’ve never really been a cat person myself, not really helped by my allergies. Throughout this experience, I’ve gone through the steps to find the answer to my question, I came across things that I expected and things I did not expect, and I had to write a blog.

My experience with research has been almost nonexistent. I typically write about things I already know, or when I do research, I normally do not keep track of where I get my information from, as my information is obtained through so many different means, whether it be online websites, tv shows, talking about it with others, or just through personal experience. Really, I was given instructions on how to do this assignment, and I followed it to the best of my ability, but also added my own spin to it by choosing a research question that I could manipulate to make fun of cats. In order to find the information I needed, I simply took to Google, and used some key words such as cats, pets, felines, and so on, and found websites that looked credible, such as National Geographic. I was successful in finding basic information, such as how cats were domesticated, but I kind of failed to easily find how cats compare to other pets, as it is very opinionated. My question in general was also very difficult as it wasn’t so much of a real question, as it was me just wanting to talk bad about cats. During my next research project, I will definitely choose a more reasonable question to ask, rather than something that is so opinionated. I will also choose a subject I know much less about, because I do not want my own personal bias to get in the way of my research.

Honestly, nothing surprised me about any of the answers I found. I already had a general idea as to how my answer would come out, and after doing the research, my general assumptions came out to be true. I did actually expect there to be a whole lot more information as to why people have pet cats, and how cats make good pets, but I couldn’t find a whole lot of information about it. I guess it just goes to show that cats are actually terrible pets, so no one wants to really talk about them.

The writing of the blog was interesting. It took me a while to find out how to write on the blog website, and then how to edit it when I needed to go back and do more. I did not like the process of going back and forth between blog and research to keep posting things on the blog like I was actually communicating with someone. My typical research consists of me just doing a tad bit of research, and then writing everything down at once, and never looking back. What I wound up doing was just writing everything in a word document, and when it came time to post these last couple of things to the blog, I just cut and paste. Then there’s the actual research. I hate research, I hate finding sources, I hate it all. I feel like finding specific resources, and citing them interrupts my thought process, and makes me lose focus on what I’m writing. Usually when I write, I just go with the flow.

Ultimately, writing this blog was an awful experience. I chose a horrible question, and half of the time I was confused about what I was doing. However, while I did find a very biased, opinionated answer to my question, I did find an answer none the less. Cats are horrible pets.

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